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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A peek of us again

So Laundry celebrated its first anniversary with a huge she-bang, full of festival atmosphere, tons of bands rocked out a night that started and ended with a massive percussion jam session that saw the audience jump up and dance with their hands in the air... This is the magic of music... :)

We did the perenniel favourite, 'Breakfast at 6pm', sadly the person who inspired the song arrived late and missed his chance to watch for the first time the song performed live

'Thank You' used to end our sets but we had to make way for the debut of our newest tune 'Music, Yeah!', we were anxious to find out if our new 'sound' resonated with our old fans, and it did...

In no particular order we heard comments like "I like ALL your stuff", "The new song was great, but Breakfast will always be my favourite", "I DIG your new song!"... All in all, twas good... :)

And so, pictures follow....

Nicole and Jimmy doing their thing

Faz all calm and collected

Ywenna and Kevin playing up a storm, check out the intensity of their expressions

And now, to thank the person who provided us with the pictures... Albert, too bad he was not a "VIP" and couldn't get too close to take even better shots... :)

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  • At 11:41 PM, Blogger soraya barakbah said…

    aahhh.. i cant believe i didnt get to hear the new song... plus the others!.. and just when i was all excited to hear rhapsody again after such a loong break. and now im back in the uk.. just my luck...make sure ya;ll have loads of gigs in the summer. hehehe

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