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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Death

So the journey ends.

Such an abrupt end, one that I think no one saw coming, including ourselves.

Beautiful, haunting, melancholic words do nothing to soothe the burn of a sudden but deep wound.

The most we can offer right now is a thank you, for being with us for so long, your cheers and support as an audience will forever be a sweet memory laced with perhaps some pain at the thought of it all ending.

And also an apology, for not fulfilling perhaps what could've been a truly great destiny.

No good reason either can we offer for the break, except the finality of something that was truly inevitable.

How wonderful it would be to be able to choose when you die, or how you die, but just like Life, Fate offers no choice.

It has been a wonderful time, so thank you, and goodbye.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A peek of us again

So Laundry celebrated its first anniversary with a huge she-bang, full of festival atmosphere, tons of bands rocked out a night that started and ended with a massive percussion jam session that saw the audience jump up and dance with their hands in the air... This is the magic of music... :)

We did the perenniel favourite, 'Breakfast at 6pm', sadly the person who inspired the song arrived late and missed his chance to watch for the first time the song performed live

'Thank You' used to end our sets but we had to make way for the debut of our newest tune 'Music, Yeah!', we were anxious to find out if our new 'sound' resonated with our old fans, and it did...

In no particular order we heard comments like "I like ALL your stuff", "The new song was great, but Breakfast will always be my favourite", "I DIG your new song!"... All in all, twas good... :)

And so, pictures follow....

Nicole and Jimmy doing their thing

Faz all calm and collected

Ywenna and Kevin playing up a storm, check out the intensity of their expressions

And now, to thank the person who provided us with the pictures... Albert, too bad he was not a "VIP" and couldn't get too close to take even better shots... :)

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Music, Yeah!

Here's the lyrics of our latest song 'Music, yeah!', come to our gig prepared to sing along!

It makes an old man dance and remember kissing his sweet wife in his arms
It makes a baby laugh and opens up a new world of sights and sounds
It makes two strangers forget the difference of whence they came before
It makes you love him love her and me love you love her love him hey

Music yeah music yeah music
The heart of the heart beats the beat of the beat
Music yeah music yeah music
The atom of the atoms sings the song of the song
Music yeah music yeah music
The heart of the heart tells the tale of the tale
Music yea music yeh music
The atom of the atoms sings the song of the song

It makes the sun shine from your eyes and beam the starlight from your smile
It makes slaves free, hard men soft and grey skies blue
It makes a friend of every lonely man wandering on the street
It makes you love him love her and me love you love her love him hey


Music yeah music yeah music
Music yeah music yeah music
Music yeah music yeah music
Music yeah music yeah music

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A space between notes

4 months.

It seems like a really long time since we have taken to the stage as a unit sometimes known as the band, Rhapsody. :)

Conflicting schedules have been the worst of our headaches.
Nicole has a day job, and Ywenna has a night one (don't go there...;p)

We managed however to finish writing one new song yesterday, and its called "Music, yeah!", we've missed this creative process, and when you hit a sweet groove it just reminds us again how much we love doing this.

And because we're so excited about this new song, you're going to get the chance to hear us perform it for the first time ever next week, at Laundry's first anniversary gig...

Date: Thursday, 19th April 2007
Venue: Laundry Bar, The Curve
Time: 9.30pm

And so as we plod on slowly towards our EP ambitions, be assured that we're tinkering with the instruments of love to produce the sublime notes of ecstasy, in hopes of doing what we were born to do: make music.


Love good music, love good food. :)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Glued to KLUE

Grab your hands on KLUE's March 2007 issue because your favourite pop-jazz duo gets a full-page article!

Need we say more? Go buy go buy!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year!

Guess what?

We're taking a break. :)

Guess what we're gonna do during the break?

Hopefully start working on our EP.

Guess what we need for the EP?


Till we meet again!

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Penang Island Jazz Festival 2006 was UNBELIVABLE!!!

It's been officially one week since we first headed out on our journey to the Penang Island Jazz Fest 2006...

Blame us for the lack of sleep and busy schedules but the fact that we were actually going to the fest didn't quite hit us, which in retrospect was a good thing, because when we got onto the bus and eyed all those instrument cases that the other musicians were loading, we turned and looked each other in the eye, and realised that : "Man. We. Are. SOOOOOO. Going. To. The Festival. Dude." ;p

This was our first proper festival, and the buzz in the air was unmistakble. I guess when you house this whole troupe of musicians from all over the planet together, there's bound to be tons of excitement!

We don't know how to start thanking everyone who helped make this festival the bestest ever, but we're going to try anyway!

1. Uncle Paul - Thanks for coming to check us out at KL Sing Song 2006. Thanks for thinking we sounded interesting enough for the fest. Thanks for inviting us to play. Thanks for being our 'second father' and taking good care of us at the fest. Without you, there wouldnt be anything to begin with and we're so happy and grateful to be part of that Penang Island Jazz Fest experience!

2. Kevin aka Loon Loon - For liking us enough to wanna play with us in the first place, and for sticking with us for so long, we love you and those faces you make while playing your bass!

3. Justin - Thanks for agreeing to jam with us, staying up late both nights to make sure we did a good job, and just for being that wonderful, talented, funny guy that you are!

4. Gigi - Thanks for jumping in last minute on our first performance, and thanks for plodding on even when the songs refused to go into your head!

5. Maxine - Thanks for taking good care of us on the trip, though you had a migraine and had to entertain multiple requests from the other passengers! ;p

6. Denise (and Sal) - This true goddess showed us what it was like to truly 'do your thang', because all it takes is belief in yourself and a whole lot of luuuuurve!

7. Brian - Thanks for making us laugh and keeping us company the entire time! If we went to the festival and came back with only your friendship it would be worth it! :)

8. Young Do - Thanks for being the funniest guy at the fest, amd helping us exercise our lungs while laughing with you all the time! :)

9. Uncle Lewis, Uncle Andy, John Kaizan - For your encouragement and support, because it really means a lot to us when you show us the way to get there, is just by loving what you do... :)

10. All the performers No Age Limit, Albert & Badar, Java Five, Seo Young Do Trio, Farid Ali & Roger Wang, James Boyle and the Ragged Tigers etc etc - Thanks for playing your hearts out because you guys made the festival DA BOMB!

11. All the people behind the scenes (you know who you are) - Thanks for your labor of love, your salty sweat and puffy eyes, because you were the clockwork behidn the entire festival, giving everyone the best times of their lives!

12. All the people who gave us pats on the back, who grooved to our songs, who came and just listened to our music - It's because of you that we're even more in love with what we do!

If we missed out on thanking you, feel free to email us at rhapsody.duo@gmail.com to berate us for our ingratitude. ;p

But seriously, I think we're making plans to come back next year as volunteers, even it was only for the good food they had in Penang! HAHAHA.

I know we sound like a broken record by now, but all we can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!