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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


To make up for no exciting things happening during this whole holiday period, I thought it would be good to post up the lyrics of some of our half-written songs. This is a personal favourite. Ywenna played this haunting beautiful melody while we were jamming one day, and we recorded about 30 seconds of it, well cuz that's all that she had at that point. So I listened to it over and over again, and I realised I couldn't write about anything else to match the power and poignancy of the melody, I really hope we manage to finish writing this song, cuz i know it will just be amazing. Here's GOD WILL:

Sleep now, put your troubles away
Rest now, think of nothing today
Come now, into realms so deep
God will watch over you as you sleep

Empty all your worries into the river
Cast off all your fears the same way
Walk towards the light in the distance
God will hold you safe in Its embrace

Hear the awesome Sound that will free you
See the shining Light that shows you grace
Feel the mighty Love that shines through you
God will walk beside you always