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Thursday, July 27, 2006


We're part of this:

Do check out the site for full listings of performers and schedules, PLUS, you can download our song "So Scared" as a truetone ringtone! Details all at the site!

Our performances for this edition of Starbucks Music Series are as below:
28 JUL 8.00pm Starbucks Coffee Bangsar Telawi
• Lied • RHAPSODY • Broken Scar •

29 JUL 3.00pm Starbucks Coffee Sunway Pyramid
• Lied •RHAPSODY • Broken Scar •

03 AUG 8.30pm Starbucks Coffee Damansara Town Centre
• The Sofa Sessions •RHAPSODY • Broken Scar•

Come one, come ALL!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pudu in Pajamas

Yes. We were in Puduraya in our pajamas.

There. Proof. :) We were there at 7am for the KL Sing Song shoot, with the crew Mien, Effa(not in picture), and Chito (don't think this is the correct way its spelt. hehe)

As you can see, Ywenna and Nicole are not quite awake.

We managed to wrap it up within an hour, and caused quite a little stir, with the semi-stripteases we provided to the audience made up of meddling taxi drivers, bus passengers, backpackers and just the normal man on the street lounging at Pudu at 7 in the morning.

Can't wait to see the video in its entirety. :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


That describes our two sets at No Black Tie, 12th July 2006, Wednesday.

Okay, okay, so this post is late, but we had a packed week and I was sorta hoping for more pictures, but thanks to Effa, wait no more...

We started off with a whole set of covers.Perhaps it was the nerves. Perhaps it was just distracting having to read the lyrics, but we ran through the set like fire was on our asses!

Took a break, while The Sofa Sessions took the stage, kudos to them for taking Jimmy's good-natured heckling well. Then it was our turn again. I have to say, there's no feeling in the world like grooving to your own songs. :)

They were SIZZLING!!!

So here are some pics to whet the appetite, sorry there aren't any ones of us together cuz there just weren't any good ones :)

Nicole practicing her O's.

Ywenna feeling the music.

The boys, Kevin and Jimmy grooving.

Thank you to all the people who were there that night and made it awesome!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sing Song Ecstasy

Was KL Sing Song 2006 the bomb, or was it the bomb?

We think it was very much the most fun we've had at a gig. We were part of the first act which included BrokenScar, and Ariff Akhir of The Sofa Sessions. We played round robin style, which was a nice change from the usual format.

The attentiveness of the audience was mesmerizing, and BrokenScar started off with his rousing song 'Scratch", by the time the second round came along, we were joking and laughing, quite forgetting that we were on stage.

Ariff is hilarious. And that's an understatement, Nicole's attempts to help him control the clapping resulted in stomach-holding, jaw-aching laughter. And everything was just smooth sailing and fun after that...

Meor, Pete Teo and Mei Chern were up for the second set, and it was a pretty intense set, but the audience had a lot of fun anyway, if the clapping and cheering were anythign to go by...

All in all, Kl Sing Song was just amazing, and most importantly, FUN! (We know we keep repeating that, but it really was that fun!) :)

So here's a last pic of the performers and friends, to remember that day, and to make those who weren't there wish they had made it! (sorry, we're evil, hehe)

Thursday, July 13, 2006


We're the first act up on Sat, 15th July 2006, at 8.30pm, so make sure you're not late! By the way, it's at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center if you can't see the flyer clearly. We get to perform 3 songs and then it's all sit back and relax as we enjoy songs from other performers like Broken Scar, Mei Chern, Pete Teo etc.

KL Sing Song is such a fantastic platform and we're extremely honored and pleased to be given the chance to be part of it, considering the fact that we're quite new on the scene, just passed the six-month mark. So a HUGE thank you to the Troubadours team! :)

DO please check out KL Sing Song 2006 for full listing of performers and ticketing details. See you there!

Pics from Xfresh

Here are some pictures from the Xfresh Studio where we were hanging out on Tuesday Night, in conjunction with the KL Sing Song 2006 promo.

btw, Adi the DJ told us our song "So Scared" was number 3 on the Xfresh charts. Funny right? We didn't even know we were being given airtime. :)

Surprises are nice. :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

We're on XFRESH tonight!

In conjunction with the KL Sing Song that's happening on the 14-15th of July 2006, we're appearing on XFRESH live tonight at 9pm.

Here are the frequencies
Klang Valley 103.0
Johor 103.3
Penang, Kedah & Perlis 106.5
Taiping 104.9
Ipoh 98.5
Seremban 97.9
Melaka 107.3
Kota Bharu 99.8
Kuala Terengganu 104.0
Kuantan 100.0
Kuching 103.7
Kota Kinabalu 98.6
On Astro 115

So, tonight, 9pm. its a date! :)

"love good music. love good food"
Ywenna & Nicole


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good fatigue.

Featuring the line up of RHAPSODY for Double Bill Night(8pm) at No
Black Tie(Lorong Mesui, off Jln Nagasari, behind Istana Hotel) this
coming Wednesday(12th July 2006)

Kevin Theseira, or more commonly known as "Ah Loon" to his close
friends, is the bassist of Qings and Kueens, and lends his touch to other bands, and one of the lucky ones just happen to be,Rhapsody. ☺ Kevin wields 'Gabriella', his affectionately named double
bass with panache, while effortlessly dancing his fingers across his
electric bass, adding and interesting texture to Rhapsody's sound.
Kevin is the perfect dining companion but has lately taken to
controlling his baser instincts.

Ywenna Carollin, the music maker behind Rhapsody. Her insatiable appetite for food and music is legendary. So are her infamous elf-like ears, which have been
praised incessantly by not-so-secret admirers of the ear fetish kind,
which has resulted in Ywenna tucking back her hair to proudly display
her ears while playing the keyboard, in hopes of gaining a new admirer
or two. A hard critic with a sharp ear (all puns intended), Ywenna
constantly strives to take Rhapsody to better musical heights.

Nicole Foo, who harbours a secret desire to marry a man called Javier (who's a figment of her over-active imagination) is the lyrical force behind Rhapsody. She resorts to playing with the dog when she feels overwhelmed by the technical musical discussions, however, with her lovely voice as her saving grace, she practises singing in showers, bus stops and LRT stations, hoping to spread Rhapsody's music far and wide, subliminally. Nicole never says no to nice tunes or dark chocolate, calamari, broccoli and jelly.

Jimmy Tan, is the beat master of Tempered Mental, while plying his drumsticks with other highly reputable music makers, Rhapsody is honored to have him keeping us in rhythm. An easygoing guy, who has
his obsessive-compulsive moments, Jimmy loves his pork like his life.
With a tendency to carry on conversations long after the conversation
has purportedly ended, Jimmy's voracious hunger for great music and
food fits perfectly with Rhapsody's philosophy towards life: "Love
good music. Love good food."

Kevin, Ywenna, Nicole and Jimmy have been hard at work hoping to bring
their best to the gig on Wednesday, tired, but they agree unanimously
that is a good kind of fatigue, because good music is always worth it.
So is good food. :)

So make sure we see YOU on Wednesday!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

And the Gods said, "COME"

I hope this post manages to get itself posted.

When? WEDNESDAY, 12th JULY 2006, 8pm

Where? No Black Tie (17, Lorong Mesui, OFF Jln. Nagasari, behind Istana Hotel, just 5 doors away from the old NBT) Call 03-21423737 for bookings and directions!

What? Double bill, Double bill

Who? RHAPSODY's performing! That's who! And The Sofa Sessions, so it's definitely worth a watch.

How? RM20 gets you admission, though seats might be scarce, so bookings are definitely encouraged, if not, the steps have a good view, and besides standing next to strangers give you that whole, intimate, we're-rubbing-shoulders kinda of uh, fun! right? right.

Why? Simply because it's f**king GREAT music!!!!

You better come. No excuses. World Cup would be over by then. Stretch your legs and exercise those over-exposed vocal chords by cheering for some good bands k? Debates over the deserving/un-deserving World Cup champions can take place after the gig. and That's a promise. ;p