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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lame :/

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

How much ang pao money have you gotten this year?

Us? Well, so so. Still not enough to work on that album. :) But if there's a will, there's a way, so we'll just have to wait till a distant rich relative dies and names us as main benefactors in the will, THEN there's the way!

Ha. Ha.

Ywenna has been AWOL since the start of the Chinese New Year holidays, probably back in Medan with her family and stuffing herself with food as I have been. Oh woe is me! My tummy is a big lump of lard!

Anyhows, we should be back in KL soon.

Happpy Chinese New Year!

Woof Woof!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


"Hurry up, our smiles are frozen!!!"

If you notice, all our pictures are 'sourced' from elsewhere. And if you're smart you'll probably figure out that we don't own a digital camera. Donations, anyone? :)

2005 was an amazing year.

Yes, we have been hatching a plot to take over the world ever since we were in high school, but the seed only started to sprout into a bud early last year. It sounds totally cliche but it was a scene right out of a movie. Imagine. KLCC at night, as we made a decision to take our music seriously, fountains sprang up high into the dark sky, we could almost hear violins in the background as tears slid down our cheeks.... (told you it's cheesy)

So we started to write more original stuff, cuz so far we had only a few songs, among them was 'So Scared', the first song we ever wrote together in 2003 if you've been to our gigs, you'll also notice that it's a firm favourite, i guess the first ones are always hard to let go of... :) The other songs we had were stuff created for a theater play and a short film. We loved them of course, but they weren't exactly suited for playing live. So we set out to make more music.

It was amazing how smoothly things flowed to enable us to create more songs that we could call ours. Proud parents of beautiful babies. :)

Open mic at No Black Tie opened the door. You don't know how estastic we are to be able to say that we started out at No Black Tie, following the footsteps of other brilliant musicians...

Currently we have no gigs lined up for the new year. Yet. But as we work quietly to fulfill our aspirations, we wonder how many people are standing in our shoes, looking up towards the sky, wishing apon the stars that we will become the lucky few who have their dreams come true.

What makes them go on? What makes US dare to hope?


That there really is magic in this world, but only if you believe in yourself and what you do.

So as we take a step, and a few more into the unknown, we keep our hearts open to love and to the little miracles that make up life...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Open Mic @ Moonshine

January 5th 2006, Ywenna and Nicole trudged along to Moonshine, the January installment, all excited to see the line-up which had Aminah, Az Samad, and Shelley Leong in it, among others...

We were late and managed just to catch the last song of Aminah's set, but that song was enough to convince us to buy her cd. Ywenna met Eugene for the first time, after hearing about him and reading his site All Dat Jazz.

Reza insisted that we do two songs for open mic, and of course we obliged (happily too!), we did 'So Scared' and a song we'd just finished writing a few hours before coming to Moonshine, in which case, we forgot to name it!! The full capacity crowd had dwindled to less than 5 tables by the time we took to the stage, but we did hear a few enthusiastic shouts courtesy of Reza, but then again, he's biased. Haha.

Here are some pics which we 'stole' from Eugene, with his permission, of course.

Ywenna lost in the music.

Nicole: "And I'd like to thank God for...."