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Friday, June 23, 2006

Bang a Bang Bang

Rhapsody will be warbling, banging, strumming and hitting this Sunday at No Black Tie.
Featuring Kevin Theseira of Qings and Kueens and Stephanie Chan of Plush on bass and drums respectively...

Expect loads of good music because Ariff, False Opus and Ida Lisa will be taking the stage before us.

No Black Tie is one of the greatest places to be for good music so make sure YOU don't miss out k?

See you there!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moonshine Me

Man. Moonshine was such a blast.

Even Reza thinks it was the BEST moonshine ever! :)

So without further ado, here are zzzze pictures!!

Rhapsody's virgin band line-up. :) We sounded pretty ok for a band whose first and only practice was for 2 hours before the gig huh?

*pats ourselves on the back*. Heh. :p

From left, Ywenna on the keys, Nicole having a fit, Kevin of Qings and Kueens playing bass AND double bass, and Jimmy of Tempered Mental banging away...

Ywenna looks like she's sleeping and Nicole looks constipated. Go figure. ;p

Kevin "Ah Loon" concentrating hard.

Note the almost identical expression Jimmy has with Kevin above. These musicians all... *shakes head*

Featuring the top supermodels of the year, Ywenna "Pig Lips", Hanafi "Junkie", Nicole "Poser", Jimmy "Nose Digger Extraordinaire", and Melina "Cock Eyed"

Again. Moonshine was a blast. :)