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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Xmas Sofa Party@FrangiPani

Rhapsody's first ever Xmas performance. Rather than ineffectively communicate our excitement, we'll let you hear what Jaz the organizer sums up the event (she does it better than we could ever do):


AHOY there …. Come aboard the SS Frangeepanee LURVE BOAT this Christmas day (Sunday, 25 Dec) and join us on a cruise to nowhere. Watch the sunset from the cracks of our hull and get jiggy if you want to while our fabulous crew entertain you with carols and songs. Hosted by your effervescent Capitano Jaz, SOFA III presents four talented singers to help bring in the Christmas cheer: troubadour Jerome Kugan, singer Ady Suwardy and the sweet femme voices of duo, Rhapsody.

Boarding time: 10pm | Showtime: 11pm | Dress: Casual cruisy chic
Cover: RM55 / RM45 for first 50 early birds. No presale tickets, sorry. Includes: 2 house drinks, an unconventional party pack & light snacks. This SOFA party is open to girls & boys. This installation, we won’t be Sorting Out Female Affairs, we’ll just be chillin’… see you under the mistletoe ;) ?

25 December 2005
Frangipani Bar
Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Inquiries via SMS only: 016 657 2357

There you go, you know who to sms if you have any more questions. But after an intro like that, who would hestitate?!


Not once. But TWICE!
Bloody freaking TWO times.

If you were planning to go see us at Starbucks today, I hope you read this in time.
It has been postponed. AGAIN.

Don't know if we will actually make it to the next installment...

Anyway, Merry Xmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

We've been "Starbucked"

Hey hey hey,

Not doing anything Friday Night? Too lazy to go out clubbing? Tired of watching TV with your parents and letting your dog hump your leg?

How bout a nice cup of coffee and some good music?

Our Starbucks gig was cancelled due to the death of the PM's wife so this is the make-up gig.

23rd Dec 2005, Friday
Starbucks @ SS15, Subang Jaya (near INTI)

Click on the picture for more details of the Starbucks Music Series.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


We know, we know... This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue but it can't be helped... :)
Well, better late than never anyway, right?

We were more than thrilled when were invited to perform at Moonshine by Reza Salleh, the guy whose voice feels like melted chocolate...

Honestly, words cannot describe how we felt up on that stage at No Black Tie that night. Awesome crowd, fantastic line-up, the mood and energy of the gig was beyond anything!!!

Too bad we don't have pictures. We know this description is too brief but we felt that it would be better for you to read what other people (read:objective people) thought about the gig, so here are the links to:

  • Lainie's review

  • Moonshine blog

  • AllDatJazz

  • Keep on popping over to our blog even though we don't update as often as we like... (sorry!) Updates about our Starbucks gig and the Christmas show at Frangipani's soon. Promise! :)

    Saturday, December 03, 2005


    So here we have, more outdated posts from Rhapsody... ;p

    We were invited to perform at Troubaganger at La Bodega on Nov 20 2005. Our first real gig. Yay!

    This time we invited our beloved sessionist Dipha Kresna to join us.

    Here's a look at us idling our time away at La Bodega waiting for the soundcheck (l-r Ywenna, Nicole, Dipha)...

    Sad to say, we weren't in tiptop condition, as Nicole had a sore throat from a lingering flu, and Dipha was hardly recovering from a mystery illness which involved chest pains.

    We were the first act and performed only 3 songs, Still Smiling, Learn (a song written by Dipha), and So Scared. Nicole was hacking away with her cough in between, and even during songs!

    And we weren't really feeling in sync as this picture probably shows... (Ywenna and Nicole looking away from each other)

    The pictures were "stolen" from the Troubadours website, and to read the post on the other acts of that night you can go here.

    That's it for now! More on Moonshine later!

    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Rhapsody's Debut

    We know these upcoming posts are overdue, but we had to start from scratch so.

    Rhapsody was slated to make their official debut on October 20, 2005 at Ikano Power Center, in the Starbucks Music Series, playing alongside Jerome Kugan and Izzy. Emails, sms-es, bulletins were sent, friends were constantly pestered, and everyone was extremely psyched for the big day.

    Again, as fate would have it, our beloved Prime Minister's wife passed away, and our big debut was cancelled.

    Needless to say, everyone was bummed, most of all, ourselves, of course. Now we know what a deflated balloon feels like. :/

    Then a friend, Broken Scar was playing a gig at the newly reopened No Black Tie, alongside many artistes, including Sei Hon, Shannon Shah, Jasemaine Gan, Jerome Kugan, Izzy etc.

    Nicole had this really strong gut feeling that they should head to NoBlackTie, but Ywenna had previous engagements that she couldn't wriggle out from.

    Again and again, as fate would have it, Ywenna's thing got cancelled and she showed up at NoBlackTie. The gig was great, lots of good artistes with good music.

    and surprise, surprise, we went up for open mic. Unprepared, we were quite nervous. Ywenna was wearing glasses and complained that she was ugly, Nicole was so nervous that her teeth were chattering (what stage presence again?)

    But the audience were so kind they gave us an encore, and so unplanned, unprepared, Rhapsody made their debut at No Black Tie, Musicians' and Music Lovers' Paradise...

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Our humble beginnings...

    Back in those days, where high school uniforms made you look frumpy, you had bad hair, ugly braces and big ass plastic nerdville glasses....

    Nicole was sitting in the music room one day, reading as usual. Suddenly this girl came into the room, didn't see Nicole because she was hidden behind the piano. So this chick, started playing the piano, and Nicole was spellbound. So Nicole told the girl she was good, but she got a 'who-are-you' look in return..

    But as fate would have it, Nicole became the conductor of the school choir, and the chick, Ywenna, became the accompanist, after every choir practice, when everyone went home, they would play and sing in the music room, talk, laugh and dream of the day they would make music together...

    Forward 7 years, and here's Rhapsody.
    The girls are still dreaming and still making music, and they hope they'll never stop. Because believing in your dreams and making them come true is the best gift that anyone can ask for, and they are grateful for the blessings that they have received.